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Water Treatment


Voss Testing Laboratory can assist you with any questions you may have about your water system, and provide experienced professional advice on treatment options.

  • The Flomaster and Brassmaster water conditioning systems give your family the benefits of quality water, and are operated on an efficient metered demand system. These systems feature the proven Fleck control valve.
  • Our proven residential water conditioning units are installed by our professional licensed plumbers and water conditioner installers.
  • Visit us at our showroom at 316 East Hoffman St. (East Hwy 23), to view our water treatment units. We display many water conditioning models, from smaller cabin needs (shown) to whole house and commercial size treatment units.


Our commercial water treatment equipment has solved water contamination issues in hospitals, car washes, laundromats, apartment buildings, and many other applications. We can meet the needs of any commercial water treatment situation. After careful analysis and testing we will provide, install, set up, and maintain the right commercial system for your business or organization.

  • When a single unit will not totally meet your needs, we can provide twin or multiple units to provide you with a constant flow of treated water. Our experienced and licensed installers will work with your needs, especially in emergency situations.
  • Typical installations are strip-malls, car washes, laundromats,hospitals, apartment buildings, and many more.
  • Voss Plumbing & Heating has been sizing and providing water treatment units for the Central Minnesota area since 1961. A list of typical installations of specialized commercial units can be provided by visiting with our friendly water treatment personnel.


Our line of distillers includes “Durastill” and “Pure Water”. These units will kill 99.9% of contaminants, leaving only safe drinking water for you and your family to enjoy. Our broad line of water distillers is available for any size needs. The typical residential unit can produce up to 8 gallons of pure, distilled water per day, while our commercial units can produce up to 50 gallons per day.

  • With our many years of distiller sales, we have placed hundreds of units within a 30 mile area. See Tim or Brenda at our store. Have them discuss with you the benefits of distilled water.
  • Check our inventory of new and completely rebuilt distillers, and learn how little it costs to have the ultimate of drinking water available in your home.
  • The Durastill Brand was a pioneer in the development of fan cooled water distillers. Thousands of all stainless steel distillers have been manufactured since 1970, producing completely mineral free water. If you are looking for a water distiller, turn to the most reliable of water purification companies. Come see us to learn about the ultimate distiller–from smaller residential units (3 gal/day output) to larger capacity distillers (50 gal/day).


Our line of distillers includes “Durastill” and “Pure Water”. These units will kill 99.9% of contaminants, leaving only safe drinking water for you and your family to enjoy. Aqua Pure Drinking Water Systems has a filter designed for you and your budget! A wide range of filters are on display in our show room, and our knowledgeable sales staff will find the perfect model for you. We offer both home water filtration systems and commercial water filtration systems alike.

  • An advanced 4-stage reverse osmosis system with a faucet will reduce sediment, rust, chlorine, taste, odor, dissolved salts, and chlorides.
  • This system mounts conveniently under the sink or on a wall, and provides drinking water of the highest quality.
  • Advanced monitored, dual-stage carbon block filtration can be used when water conditions are not as severe, but still require treatment. Let us tell you why and how.
  • In-line refrigerator systems are used for fresh tasting and sediment-free water and ice cubes.
  • We also offer whole-house sediment and rust filters, and will conduct a comprehensive water quality test to fit you with the correct system.


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